Apr 292022

Our Raymarine display is acting up and it is the master unit. So when it has issues or shuts down so does our other display and navigation. Not a great feeling when you loose the road map and depth finder. So Scott will take some time here in St. Augustine to fix this problem.

Traveling to St. Augustine is similar to the last few days. Speed zones, homes on the rivers, pristine landscape. We had some dolphins playing in our wake but they were camera shy. It is an easy cruise for the Captain once again.

Here at the marina Scott gets to work under the dash to work on the display units. It takes him a few hours but it is up and running again, including the water temperature gauge that we lost months ago. He isn’t sure if it was loose connections or the unit overheating in the sun. If it continues to act up now at least it is the slave unit so it won’t shut down both navigations. If it doesn’t have anymore issues then it was likely loose connections which we wouldn’t be surprised about.

I get some laundry done and catch up on the blog. It is so windy that we have waves in the small bay with over 20 knt winds on the stern. We are again thankful for an easy entrance slip in these crazy winds. We will be here for 2 nights as we get this done and grab a game of pickleball at a local place with 4 courts. They play Saturday mornings so tomorrow we will make our way there.

Best pickleball play ever on this trip. All players were at least 3.5 and most a 4.0. I only played 3 games as I was way out of my league at a steady 3.5. Scott had some great games and wore himself out. It did take an Uber to get to Treaty Park but it was so worth it. Back at the boat we plan our next few days. We know there is a first come, first served free dock on the north side of Jacksonville so that is our plan A. Plan B would be if it is full then we will anchor near there. I wash the boat thoroughly and Scott gets caught up on all the work for the company, including taxes. We decide to go to the Conch House Restaurant for a dinner date. Food was okay, not great but the atmosphere is amazing. They have several of these bird nest dinner spots that overhang the water. It is a great concept and makes this place very popular along with its beautiful grounds.

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