Apr 252022

Goodbye Fort Pierce as we begin an early start to our day. We love the palm coast to the space coast here in Florida. It features lots of mangroves and open space but narrow channels for us to travel. It is just so low key as we leave the large boats of South Florida and head toward the more casual, more prestine areas in north Florida. Although the channels can be narrow they are well marked with 10 foot depths most of the way.

Scott has chosen a large anchorage in Melbourne, FL to hold out for a brisk 20 knt wind from the east. Melbourne has a pier that we can dingy to and take in the city beach area. The pier is adjacent to a park so you can run your puppers if you have one. The folks come out at night to watch the sunset too. There is about a foot tide so bring your fender for your dingy.

In town there are lots of restaurants to choose from. It is a sleepy little area but you can get your fill of ice cream, pizza and some casual dining on the beach. The beach area isn’t crowded but it does have a nice surf with an easterly blow. There are a few BNB’s as well but it isn’t busy here at the moment. We have always enjoyed this part of Florida with its laid back and small town atmosphere.

We grab a pizza from the market and grab an ice cream as well. Then head back to the dingy and watch the sunset as it passes under the bridge. Back on HP we prepare for the trip to Titusville where we will anchor as close as we can to the Space X launch scheduled for 4:00 AM. With the name of Heliopause we just can’t miss a space launch. It’s Space X’s second manned flight.

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