Apr 242022

The last day here in Palm Beach e decided to head out to Peanut Island for a last evening hike. This was mainly because we had to get low tide to get “Otter” back in her davits. We go under our dock to get her on the back of the boat but that can only be done at low tide as the water is 3 feet lower. So we head out for a hike by dingy to the island. We are surprised to find that it is touristy with paved walkways, beaches, camp sites and restrooms. The island is very tidy and we watch many folks have their Saturday evening sunset on the beach. Had we known that all this was here we would have brought our own dinner and had a beach sunset date. We thoroughly enjoyed the walk around the perimeter of the island. There is another reef here that is very protected. Although a manmade reef it has a boardwalk, a marina is coming with the update to the Coast Guard Station, a helipad renovation and many more upgrades to this cute island.

Back at HP we pack up the bikes and store everything for our traverse north on the ICW to Fort Pierce. It will be about 70 miles travel stopping at an anchorage. Tonight we prepare for route, pack up and enjoy our last day “not working”.

The travel to Fort Pierce is a casual cruise north on the ICW. We pass some estates, massive homes or vacation houses, along the way. The trek is fairly straight forward with 10 foot depths most of the way through narrow but well marked channels. We will anchor in an area that is protected from the east winds as usual they are blowing about 2o knts. The anchorage has several liveaboards already anchored here however we found a tight space for us. There won’t be much current but there will be a tide of about a foot. The winds continue throughout the night. A “neighbour” visits us to tell us how bad it is here. That we have to watch the massive currents, and that we will shift in the night. We should move and find shelter. Scott analyzes the currents, tides and winds and decides we will be fine but should have a watch. I sleep up in the salon and check many times throughout the night. It was fine. We did speak with another Looper who was here a couple nights ago and apparently the same guy came by to tell them the same hogwash. He just didn’t want neighbours. Only 1 night here is enough. NASA has postponed a planned launch for a day so we will make our way to watch it in Canaveral.

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