May 142022

More lowlands, lots of grasslands and now fresh water. The Waccamaw River is so far inland that the runoff from the grasslands provides water for this area. The water is has so much tanins that the river runs a colour of tea. There are no tides either.

We found this gem of a marina at $1.00 per foot along today’s journey. Great family owned operation with goats and horses and well kept docks nestled in the marshlands. Tall trees and smells of forest with not much around to distract your senses. There is a well stocked convenience store where we picked up a couple Tshirts, marine toilet paper, engine oil, ice cream and paper towels. This little store has a little of a lot of needed items. Along with the slip we were offered a goody bag. In this bag was a beach coin container, a lanyard, homemade jam, fridge magnet, notepad and pen. This is our first goody bag on this trip.

We wondered around the grounds and visited the free range goats while they feasted on fresh grass. The horses came up to us looking for some goodies. There is diesel and gas available as well. This is a realy nice place to just kick back and not get so distracted from all that the city offers.

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