May 132022

We leave Charleston in breezy but stable conditions. The winds have been following us this entire journey. Since Scott did not find an issue with the windless we don’t want to be stuck out on anchor and not have it come up. He did note that the windless had no manual backup so he did order the part and had it shipped. We were told it could be 2 weeks before coming in so we sent it to a friend. If it comes in we will ask to have it reshipped to a nearby marina. At least once we have the manual lift we can anchor again. This marina living is not for us.

We must pass through some more skinny waters but saw nothing under 8 ft. Although nerve wracking so far the depths have been really good. We have heard that South Carolina dredges and tries to keep ahead of the shoaling that continuously occurs.

Although not a long day we will stop at a local oil company where there is a dock available and reserved for us. The town is really small but it is a good stop for a 50 mile day. Lots more grasslands and lowlands. The scenery really doesn’t change other than the colour of the water from inlet to inland waterways. Although all part of the marine highway of the ICW.

Upon arriving at LeLand we find well kept docks. The cleats are not really secure but it is very protected here so winds should not be a problem. We decide to take a walk which did not disappoint. The trees are thousands of years old, from what we are told. The spanish moss hangs on the massive branches like Christmas lights. Along with the century old homes this place is a really nice find. The scenery and beauty of untouched trees and bush is so beautiful. We even found a well redone old Ford truck. Someone will have to tell me the year and model.

We wander over to the fish shack to see what is on today’s catch. We find salmon and flounder for an amazing price. We grab a few pounds of each for the freezer. Another great reason to stop here.

Back at the boat it is flounder for dinner, a good night’s sleep and a good push on in the morning.

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