May 012022

At this point in our journey the tides become very important or should I say the timing of tides and travel become important. The tides run around 5 feet starting up to Jacksonville. That means that at low tide you are now 5 feet lower in the water than you are at high tide which can create some very skinny water if traveling at low tide. We head out from the marina later than usual to follow the tides. The scenery to get to Jacksonville is very low, marshlands, open spaces with the estate homes dotted here and there. The homes are massive with decks along the shoreline. There are a lot of low speed, minimum wake areas. We are not in a hurry and it has become interesting seeing everything at about 10 mph.

It is a Sunday and local boaters are out in plenty. We arrive at the Jacksonville dock to find 1 boat there. It is a sturdy dock with 1 spigot for water and about 300 ft of dockage space. The fisher folks are out in droves catching their fill on the dock that we must tie lines to. They are pleasant and move as they see us coming in. There is a sunken boat held at the dock with lines. It seems to be floating but it is releasing oils or gas into the water. It has been there some time and it takes up valuable boat tying real estate as we watch 3 more boats tie up at the dock filling up the available space. Two more boats show up later but there is no space. They are forced to anchor nearby.

We were here in 2017 and not much has changed other than it is really busy with day trippers with their trucks and trailers lined up all the way to the street. The day docks are full of activity and at low tide sit on the bottom of the shoreline.

Cheri Baby, Beautiful Dawn and Eros, all loopers and we have docktails on the dock as we listen to the thunder in the distance and watch for the rain that is yet to come, which it did not. It was a quiet night with comfortable dock space.

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