Apr 172022

Checking weather it looks like the winds changed again. Another week of clocking winds. We talk about it and decide that we are leaving the Bahamas for good. We will have lots to see next year when hopefully Mother Nature is back on her meds. We are quite disappointed but are confident in our decision.

Preparing our exit visas to leave the Bahamas we are fortunate that the Immigration Office is on site at this marina. Scott will head ito the office for 9 AM opening and then we will be on our way.

We are out of the marina along with at least 10 other boats heading back to mainland USA. Another rolly day expected as we cross the Atlantic Ocean, through the Gulf Stream onto our destination. It is following seas so we are not rocked near as much as yesterday but they are still about 4 ft rolls. Our route to West Palm Beach has been done, another marina booked, and we decide to stay at least a couple nights. Oh Henry is there in the anchorage. They decide to pull up anchor and come over to us. We spend a couple hours chatting about their weather issues while they were in the Bahamas. We are glad they were able to keep most of their plans but they too lost about 5 weeks due to weather.

Initially we were to spend just a couple nights here but again those winds are to become dastardly. What the heck we’ll stay here for a week and get a night free.

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