Apr 162022

We are up and out at the crack of dawn. Our new friends, Gary and Carie from Island Paws, is on their bow waving us goodbye as we head north. They will leave to go back to Miami tomorrow as their plans have changed due to weather too. It’s a beautiful morning as we pass the supply ship leaving port and other heading out to fish. Bimini is known for its fishing and a bunch of folks made the trek over for the Easter Weekend. There is a celebration of Easter here at our marina today called “Homecoming” where everyone that calls Bimini home comes for this weekend where they gather together, have some fun in the pool, restaurant and bar specifically open for this day. We will miss it but wish everyone a Happy Easter.

Heading north on the Atlantic Ocean it’s a tough one. Beam waves hit us the entire way due to the easterlies that have come in. Not many pictures as the ralph factor is pretty high today. Scott stays diligent at the wheel and we roll into West End anchorage around 3:00. We are both tired. It is rolly. We didn’t expect it to be this rolly as the winds are coming around both points and creating a sloshing effect. After over an hour of this we contact the marina. They have a spot for us. We head in easily and are now trying to fight off headaches and nausea. Again not many pics. I’d like to say we have been to West End, Bahamas but in reality we have only been to our slip there.

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