May 212022

Happy to leave this marina as Scott was up most of the night with the winds and checking lines and fenders. As we travel on Palmico Sound we are finding a lot of Loopers and cruising boats. The weather is calm which we expected however the winds are to pick up this afternoon. It’s a hot one in the high 90’s today.

Palmico Sound is a large sound which behaves more like a lake. Winds affect the seiche more than the tide here. The tea coloured water makes for an interesting moustache on most boats. Finding our way through the channels which are well marked the depths are very favourable.

Heading into Dowry’s Marina the small channel is a good depth. We tie to starboard with the stern in and happy to find that the pool is open. It’s a hot one with humidity. We drive with no air conditioning and it does get warm even with the breezes from the open windows. We plug in and start up the AC and Scott takes a half hour to decompress after 5 hours of driving. Then off to the pool to find that it is 84 degrees. We do several laps and then hide under an umbrella. The sun is so intense. We find that they do have a tennis court with pickleball lines but I would hardly say it is useable. They are building a restaurant with water views, improving the pickleball courts. This is a family run marina and this family works hard. It is not near Belhaven but if you like the more quiet, scenic marinas this is the one to stay at. Once the restaurant starts up it will be a destination. Looking forward to coming back in the fall.

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