May 182022

Big surprise….weather is changing. Expected 30 knt winds in the next couple days. We are booked at a marina in Swansboro already so we add a day. As we begin our day we notice that the grasslands have all but disappeared. We are now seeing more homes, civilization, tall trees, even some evergreens that are hardy to the heat here. Dolphins still come around but not to play. They are very shy around boats. It is still such a sight to see when one surfaces. Where there is 1, there are usually more.

There are still a lot of small boats today. We pass and watch pass us many loopers and travelers to bring their boats north for the summer. This waterway is so well used at this time of the year and again in the fall to head to the warmth of the sun.

Heading along the ICW we pass by Camp LeJeuene a navy military base. Along the ICW they are doing live ammunition practices using old tanks, bombs and artillery. We can hear the bombs going off very regularly. As we pass along we are watched by the navy police and towers to be sure the ICW remains clear during the exercises.

We stop into Caspers Marina. Although we rock a bit more than most marinas we are okay with it. With the winds coming the wakes from boats will die down and we will only have to deal with wind chop. We again have every rope out with redundancy for ties. It is a fixed dock so that makes it more of a challenge with a 3 foot tide and winds. The Church St docks, also known as the City Dock, has a floating dock and would suggest that over Caspers on for that reason. Swansboro is a really nice stop. The town has so much old town flavour with family restaurants and friendly folks. We met a lady who has a community library box on her front lawn. Take a book and leave a book. I wondered over and traded a James Patterson for another.

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