May 262017

The reset button has been pushed. The day started out with low winds and high tide. What more could a boater ask for? The trip past Wilmington Port was eventful again as we passed a massive Maersk container ship bound to the ocean with its goods. Each container is the size of a transport truck, just to give a relational size. She towers over the other ships in the port.

Now that we are back on course Scott contacts a camera guy regarding a lens for the camera to get us by. He has none. So the search is on for a replacement lens. Apparently the problem with the lens is a well known one by the forums and this fella. Canon has messed up on this one and it must be sent back for repair directly.

The trek up the New River is uneventful. Its good depth allows us to pass quickly with the slow down for marinas and structure. We pass several trawlers and sails along the way heading in the same direction. The rain has past as well with today being full sun and very few clouds. A welcome treat after 3 days of rain and the odd thunderstorm.

Passing through Snow’s Cut was easy. It’s narrow channel reminds us of the channels up north where the shore is just out of reach but the channel is wide enough to get through. Not much drama today. Depths are great, weather is great and we are enjoying the journey. We knew about the swing bridge at Surf City being opened only on the hour but we didn’t really believe it was true. So we arrived about 20 minutes too early and had to wait in the channel and go for a cruise back the way we came to waste some time. There is current around the basin by the bridge so the channel before the bridge is much easier with a bit of wind and the current. I make some lunch while we wait.

After that we stop in at New River Marina for the cheapest diesel yet. $1.74 per gallon is the cheapest we have paid. The docks aren’t as bad as suggested. Yes you tie to pillars but that isn’t so bad. It’s the big 40 ft boat that need to slow down while passing by on the ICW. We were rocked pretty badly by one of those boats we have been passing along today’s route. What moronic Captain who drives a boat with a massive wake keeps his speed up passing a marina? Four guys at the marina came running to our boat as soon as they saw that he wasn’t going to slow down. I managed the fender at our widest part of the boat keeping it between the boat and the pillar. The boat must have went up and down 3 feet in that wake. One guy almost fell off the dock trying to keep the boat off. I’m calling these Captains Sea Donkeys these days because the name fits, don’t you think?

Now we make our way to a favourite anchorage, Mile Hammock. It’s about 1.5 miles from New River Marina in a guaranteed 12 foot depth anchorage. The military owns the land and uses this basin for military maneuvers . A boat can be asked to leave day or night but this being the long weekend and the situations in the world we’re guessing it will be fine. There ended up being 9 other boats here with us. No getting to shore here. It’s strictly off limits. I put out Bruce, our trusty beaver. He’s been with us now for about 4 years. Aiden fixed his lantern the last trip and replaced his battery. He works very well and guards the back deck every night. He’s part of the family.

We will spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the tranquility of this lagoon, researching for a lens, and sipping some bevies. That’s not a bad reset button to push.

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  1. Continue to enjoy your adventures from afar. Admire your spirit and courage in undertaking such a huge endeavor! Was just reminiscing and reviewing the very first leg of your Loop when we met and sailed together 6 years ago. I really hope to be able to meet for a beer when you come back through Rochester this time. Safe travels and keep the pictures coming.

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