May 272017

By the time we left Mile Hammock anchorage 8 of the 10 boats had already left. It’s a great day to travel. We have some open water to cross today to get to the marina that we have set up for the night in Oriental, NC. Another sun and not too windy day makes the open water bodies a nice crossing. There has been chatter over The Neuse River and its winds and waves.

The depths are favourable even at low tide so traveling is easily done and miles accumulated. Lots of homes, boathouses and structure throughout the travel today. We are seeing more traveling boats as well. A lot of insurance companies have a hurricane clause that boats have to be north, I think of North Carolina or Virginia by June 1. So these travelers are on the move being the date is coming and the destination is not far off.

There isn’t much to report today other than just clocking the miles toward Oriental, NC. As we approach The Neuse River we see several runabout boats enjoying the long Memorial Day weekend. The river itself is choppy but not too bad. Tides are .2 feet so the winds play more a roll on this area than the tides. As we cross the river towards Oriental the winds pick up. Several sailboats are now on the open water with their sails at full attention in the winds. Those little boats are not seen as much anymore. The trip across takes us about 20 minutes going at 28 mph. We have seen that the favourite marina outside the city is at Whittaker Pointe Marina. We have a reservation there.

The marina at Whittaker Pointe has a beautiful clubhouse, restrooms, shower facility. The laundry is available for $1.00. The docks are superior to most marinas as well. The drawback is that transients are put on the outside docks where the full winds of the Neuse River are upon you. I didn’t see that it was any different at the City docks either. They need a breakwall or to dredge the inside basin for the calmest waters and to be off that large river. We haven’t figured out why this is such a great spot. Our guess is that it is due to the fact that this area is just before or just after a cross on The Neuse. It’s about Convenience. We’ve had better anchorages.

The good thing about this marina is also that they have a courtesy car. So we jumped in and drove to the grocery store. Walmart, hardware, West Marine and restaurants are not far with the car. We drove through the town of Oriental and saw that “The Silo” was having a shindig. Open mic and country music for all locals. We did find that guy’s boat that rocked us so bad when we were gasing up the other day.

We also met Star Dust the sailing vessel. Richard came in about an hour and a half after us. We got to chatting later at docktails about each of our escapades. He is single handedly doing the loop in his sailboat. That is quite an endeavor. We hope to see him again once he lands in Tonawanda after doing The Erie Canal and on his last leg home to the Sandusky area.

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