May 212017

We were up with the sun this morning traveling for the first time on low tide. Our goal is to anchor at an anchorage beside Dewees Island and find that illusive beach day. Leaving the river was an easy out at low tide with the ICW only 5 minutes away. It was interesting to see such a tide swing of 5.5 feet when traveling. Docks and boats are on the hard shore ground waiting for the swing up. It’s a hot, sunny day and our inverter quit. The inverter converts our electric fan to keep Scott cool from the morning east sun while driving north. Drats!

We traveled though some beautiful sights with the vast marshlands now in our rear view mirror. We traveled through Elliot’s Cut which is more like a ditch. The current is strong here and many Sunday boaters are out for the day. It’s a no wake zone anyway and gorgeous homes are here just as we enter Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is right on the ICW and worth a stop. Not for us as our work schedule is still the priority. Next time round! Charleston has the grand southern homes on the shore with their massive Colonial pillars. They stand majestically amongst other buildings so their massive size is understated.

The UCW channel after Charleston more like a canal with homes on both sides. It is shallow. We were passing through many areas at 6.5 feet at low tide but the majority was 9-10 feet total water height. We were looking at our navigation, depth gauge and our trusty nav alerts to get through. We passed a 50 foot trawler boat that probably had at least an extra foot of draft than us and they made it through. Can’t imagine the conversations going on in that boat tat that time.

We made it to St. Helena’s Sound which is quite small compared to the many open Sounds we have passed through. Our anchorage is directly beside Dewees Island. This island has no cars, a ferry to take locals to and from their homes to several areas. The folks use golf carts to get around the island. We met a nice couple that told us that most people on the island are very eco friendly. There is a staff of 23 that keeps the island going for the residents. Most residents are permanent and not cottagers. This is even a bit too rustic for our taste.

The anchorage is just off the ferry dock and the beach is a 5 minute dingy ride. Today was a low mileage day as we prepped for some time off from driving. The beach on this island is so pristine that we found more intact large shells and conchs on the beach. We found 2 beautiful shells that were very large but upon picking them up we saw they were still occupied so we left them. They had conch in each of them. The beach has so many shoals that we were able to stand in the middle of them way off shore. It is still low tide and just rising. We watch the tide roll in all day and those shoals we stood on disappear.

The anchorage is a great spot and the tide does create some current. The winds are 10 mph out of the SW and the temps are comfortable enough tonight that we may not have to put on the generator for air conditioning. Up until tonight the nights are not falling much below 80F.

At this point we are a bit burnt, showered from the day and finally happy with the exercise we had on the beach. We are ready to go again but know that from this point there is not much opportunity for beach as the ICW starts to turn more inland.

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