May 222017

Dewees Island was so much fun. Great shelling, sun, beach and a great anchorage. The only issue was that the wind picked up through the night and the tide runs fast here. Scott was up several times through the night to check the anchor. Not much protection from wind other than the east. We would have loved to stay another night.
We set our sights on Georgetown, SC. The tide was descending as we traveled. There were less homes on the banks of the ICW and significantly more fishing boats and commercial shrimp and fishing boats. I don’t remember passing even 1 recreational boat unless it was a sail or trawler moving north. The rains are threatening as well. Overcast skies with low hanging clouds were an indicator that today rain was coming.

With the inverter not working Scott was baking in the Captain’s seat. We can open the canvas but the chore to close them quickly and possibility of rain warranted not doing so. I use a wet hand towel and put it in the fridge and then put it around his neck to keep him cool. Our boat is not a great one for traveling distance. Searays are made for day tripping and then back to the marina for pampering. It is not set up for the distances, anchoring, and overall running that we use her for, but, she is so pretty.

A navigational issue for those boaters following is that the channel/canal cut prior to Georgetown is shallow. Much more shallow than charts and user comments. Shoaling is a problem. We ran at mid tide and sometimes saw depths of 7.5 feet overall. With a 3.5 foot draft that left 4 feet under our belly. Very unnerving when you don’t know what is lurking below. It is mostly on the last half south side. You will go slow and we recommend at least a mid to high tide depending on your draft. Remember that South Carolina doesn’t use federal monies on the ICW for dredging. At least that is the rumour. Shoaling is a problem. They focus on the open inlets to the ocean to get those majestic shrimp boats out for the desired catch. They remind me of a pirate ship.

Georgetown SC is a cute town. Very historic being the 3rd oldest city in South Carolina and where industry was the focal point for a very long time. I wouldn’t say the waterfront is the most picturesque we’ve seen. It’s more of a fishing town mixed with trying to impress the newcomer with the harbour. The harbour itself has many liveaboards and derelict boats. We couldn’t find a good swing area so we went in front of the old steel factory. Quiet and not so pretty but plenty of swing room and only a 5 minute run to the town dock.

We walked through the town and had our homemade ice cream The homes have that southern charm with the grand pillars. The town offers history with buildings dating back to the mid 1700’s , artisan shops, boutique shopping, restaurants, waterfront harbour walk, and nightlife. It’s a great stop. The only thing to mention is that the waters here are disgusting in this little harbour. It has a yellow overtone with an oily bottom. When the anchor comes up it is covered in a black, oily tar. I suppose it is from the centuries of industrialization that has occurred here in this harbour.

The rain has now come and we are expecting a lot overnight with thunderstorms. So glad the boat is getting washed!

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