Jun 182017

Such a nice terminal wall at the Utica Harbor Lock. So quiet over night with fire flies that literally dance by the millions in the grass. It looks like stars flickering. I’ve never seen such a dance by them. So glad we were able to see such a phenomenon.

We were off this morning with clear skies. We had 3 locks to do today. The winds were calm which is the best and easiest way to do locks. We were heading to Sylvan Beach NY today. It is in the mid 90’s so a beach day is in order. We will head to the terminal wall at the entrance to Oneida Lake and stay there. No power or water but access to the small town. We did meet up with at least 4 other Loopers here as well.

We head into the beach area just after lunch. We decided to take the dingy to the beach just for the heck of it. Walking would have been faster and easier by we wanted to anyway. The beach is well manicured with lots of locals enjoying Father’s Day at the beach. Just about every style of boat is already anchored and many more will come throughout the day. There is an old school amusement park here, still running Thursday to Sunday. A restaurant bar sits at the beachfront as well. The water is very shallow for a long way out so many kids are enjoying the warm waters of Oneida Lake while parents lounge around in their lawn chairs. A great family spot. No pups allowed though.

As we head back to the boat the winds have picked up a bit so crossing those big 1-2 footers in a dingy is always fun. Still we have fun with it. The winds stay and the rain starts just after we walk the small town and have an ice cream. We ended up running back as the rain had started and we had the tarps off. The vents open and electronics exposed. We got back in time to batten down the hatches. It was so hot though. We ended up running the gen all night with the A/C on just to stay cool. It rained all night with a lightning storm in the distance. We did end up going to bed early mainly because we knew we would have a longer run time tomorrow.

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