May 242017

We have talked about staying another night here in Myrtle to install the GFI, fix the anchor visual ties (we use coloured zip ties to designate anchor lengths up to 200 ft), and get in some tourist shopping. It’s Atlantic Bike Weekend here this coming long weekend where 200,000 bikers descend upon Myrtle Beach and area. It’s mostly crotch rockets as they call them with the Harleys and other street bikes mixed in.

Today will be a bit of a work day. The ropes on the dingy davit have been coated in salt water and the mechanisms to drop “Low Voltage” have been stiff. The rain has helped to clean some of that but Scott is going to lube up the pulleys. Along with the anchor grid ties and fixing the GFI that went as well. But first play is in order.

We head across the channel to Barefoot Landing. Another marina directly across from this marina. It’s confusing because the one we stay at is Barefoot Marina and the one across the way is Barefoot Landing. They are not affiliated. By far Barefoot is the best marina going near Myrtle. There is a long dock where the Barefoot Princess takes tourists on a cruise down the ICW. Lots of room for other boats as well. We take Low Voltage and dock her for some shopping in the touristy boardwalk area of Barefoot Landing. It’s a large shopping mall with lagoons, alligators and snakes, boardwalks and tons of shopping and restaurants. Scott picks up some board shorts at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop and I grab some sandals which I forgot at home. It’s an overcast morning so the sun isn’t intense yet and wandering through is cooler. At lunch we stop in at a cute restaurant along one of the lagoons and watch the turtles and 3 foot carp come visit for some food. It was a lazy morning before we head back to chores.

After those mentioned chores we hit the pool. The sun is out and temps are running in the 80’s. The pool proves to be a nice reprieve from the heat which we are still climatizing to. The before dinner swim and hot tub was a welcome exercise break as well. Talking about the going north from here we plan our next few nights at anchor spots. Being this is the Memorial Day Weekend the marinas and waterways will be busy so that will mean slower travel.

The sun had left us and the clouds moved in. The winds picked up as expected so we headed back to the boat for those indoor chores. Scott updated the blog and I start dinner. It’s a dinner and movie date night as the rain falls down on us again. It’s great though because the salty boat keeps getting washed with little effort from us. All the dock lines are clean and the davit is ready.

Tomorrow we are looking at Wilmington, NC. It will be a longer run if we do make it. If not I have a lovely free dock looked at at Southport, NC some 30 miles away.

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