Aug 112012

There was a window of  opportunity for us today so we took it.  We didn’t plan to make it to Sarnia but the winds are changing tomorrow and we would have been stuck either in Goderich or Grand Bend for an additional day.  We passed though several storms on  the way down but the wave heights were kind to us with ENE winds.  It was a nice trek even though it was a tunnel at times with rain all around us.  The radar came in handy for potential rain.

Now we have a great spot in Sarnia at the Sarnia Bay Marina with the International Offshore Powerboat Races here.  We stopped to look at the boats which are some of the fastest boats in the industry, apparently.   Tomorrow they will race on the St. Clair River and if we are leaving we have to get out prior to the races starting.  We want to get to Detroit and see “the big city”.  Early morning coming up.

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