Aug 192012

Today we clean the boat.  Scott will undoubtedly be in that engine compartment.

Newton is a constant companion and is enjoying Aiden’s full attention while the two of them curl up on the carpet.  Scott is catching up on bills and accounting for home and I am finishing up this blog.

This journey that we have been on could not have taken place without some great family and friends.

Chad did an amazing job at watching Newton, keeping the house and property in order.  I’m sure he will appreciate cutting the grass at his place after being here for so long and enjoy all the joys that come with being at home.  You rock!

Heather and Joe, thanks for keeping an eye on things at the business.  There was certainly a lot less stress knowing that the house, the dog, the business and everything else would be cared for it the need be.

Mom, thanks for the interruption of your day and bringing us the diesel when we were in a bind.  A last minute call and you were able to help us out.  We owe you more than a very late steak dinner and leftovers.

It was a pleasure having C with us on our journey.  I know Aiden will treasure the time you shared with him on the Trent.  I hope your memories are as special.  I’ll have to put together a disk with all the pics for you and your parents. A special thanks to Kevin and Dana for taking up 2 of their Saturdays to bring and pick up C.  I’m sure you had many other things that you could have done, especially on a long weekend Saturday morning in a traffic delay.

Thanks to Amy and Steve for your attentiveness to the details.  We appreciate the timely reminders and the head’s up of things back home.

…………..and to all of you who have followed us on this amazing journey of discovery, history, and beauty that is Ontario.  One day we’ll have you over to view all the 10,000 pictures we took.


Till next year……………………………….

Thanks, Scott, Brenda and Aiden.




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  1. What an amazing adventure! I enjoyed following your travel blog and especially your visit in Ottawa. Glag you made it home safe. Take care, Tom

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