Aug 152012

Ready to go and the port engine fails.  Carbon all around the boat.  We are drawing attention with all the black stuff.  Turns out it is the fuel rail pressure sensor that Scott diagnosed.  Found a guy and he can get the part tomorrow morning.  We are stuck.  Frustrated but also happy that it happened while in port and not on open waters. Considering how far we have come and so little left to go, I suppose it is a good time.  No repair is a good time but a necessity.  So after ordering the part we decide to head off to Cedar Point’s beach for the remainder of the afternoon.  Great day in the sand.

We decide now that groceries are needed we’ll go off to Perkins for dinner on the property.  Yummy!!!! After that we watched the fireworks and light show for the third time and called it a night hoping that the diagnosis for the engine is accurate.


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