Aug 042012

At Kirkfield Lift Lock and heading up or north on the Trent you actually come to the edge of the waterway.  You have to pull into the pan with nothing in front of you.  Scott decided to take a video of us going into the lock, through the process, and then out again.  That video will be time lapsed for viewing but it won’t be on the site any time soon.  A lot of work to get it edited and we are on vacation, remember?  You’ll just have to watch for it.  Once in and you start to go down it is even more exhilerating than Peterborough because there is nothing in front of you until you reach the bottom.  We had beautiful skies and hot, hot, hot temps.  Then after that there is a succession of locks to go through as you lock down from now on until Georgian Bay.

The highlight of the day was swimming and jumping off the boat in Lake Simcoe.  We spent about an hour there enjoying the “work” it was getting through those locks in this hot weather.  

  We are dropping of C today when his parents meet us at the marina in Orillia.  I’m sure after this adventure he will appreciate so many more things easily available at home.  Thanks for picking up our oil Kevin and Dana.  Much appreciated!!

Sitting in the marina I have to get laundry done, yet again, pick up groceries and clean this boat thoroughly.  You never know when you will have shore power again so out comes the vacuum.  Scott was going to do the oil change tomorrow but the weather is calling for 10 mm of rain here and opening the engine hatch is a messy job when it rains.  

As we are drawing near the end of our Trent Severn adventure I find myself wanting to do it all again some day.  So different than the Rideau where I was happy to leave, but this time on the Trent will be done again, I’m sure.  We have 4 locks left to do.


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