Aug 022012

This beautiful country up here in The Kawarthas.  The only problem is everyone knows it.  Cottages are literally everywhere almost on top of each other.  The water is crystal clear and so far not many boats are on the water.  Leaving Buckhorn behind (much to my pleasure) we head on off to a marina in Bobcaygeon for those well waited for toilet parts. 

Upon arriving to the marina it is quickly noted that that the marina is really not equipped to handle this size boat.  After getting us set up at the end of the gas dock , the attendant says he has an alternate spot for us.  It turns out it is a bit shallow and the width will fit the boat but just barely.  He says we can stay at the front of the gas dock but is concerned for any house boat rental drivers that may be in for gas.  No kidding!!!  They are not only the worst drivers on the water but it is our guess that many have never really been around boating.  That goes for their crew as well.  After a 20 minute instructional video they are handed the keys to head out into the waters and those close quarters on dock walls and locks with the regular boats.  I can tell you it is quite the painful experience watching them try to manoever them. 

The boys made friends with two other boys around the ages of 14 and 16 docked behind us here on the wall.  They spent the day making forts, fishing and just being boys.  My mom made it down for the evening and we had some catch up time too.  Scott did the maintenance on the toilet, rebuilt the pump and changed oil filters.  They only real job left is changing the oil. 

Bobcaygeon on the upper side of the lock is a really good stop.  You can get all your supplies here, do some shopping, watch those boathouse drivers for entertainment, and the lock is a busy one but far enough away that you can still enjoy the beautifully kept park area.  New this year is a two hour stop until 5:00 and then you can overnight.  However, the lockmasters seem to turn a blind eye to that rule.  They are just too busy doing the locking.

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