Aug 192013

Our favourite little spot.  Loe Beaver Island State Park located on Grand Island, NY.  Always a bit breezy but with the seclusion at the end of the day with only marina folk, the ability to make campfires, and therefore eat way to many s’mores, and the dog able to run at will after the park closes it is truly a fav.

We always end up with Curtis, Connie and Alexis, Matt and Patti and their girls and whoever else happens to be there partying till the fire ends.  This week was no different.  We also did the bike trails more than once and found a little place on the Niagara River that has frozen bananas for a quick stopover.  Newton is also able to swim in the lagoon and fetch sticks till he’s worn out which we do every day while here.

Scott decided to bike ride to the other end of Grand Island on his own while Aiden, Alexis and I made it to Timmies for a bevy about a 10 km ride.  Next year I think Aiden and I will have to do that trek as well.  The island has bike trails along the shoreline that rarely mixes with traffic.


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