Brenda LaPointe

Oct 082021

Sheboygeon, WI – Milwaukee, WI – Oct 8, 2021

Ralph factor 2.  Not bad seas today.  All good but another day just cruising along the shoreline.  We are excited to see the city lights tonight.  Just a 5 hour trek south to Milwaukee.  South, that’s the best word of the day.

There are many choices here for marinas and anchorages.  We decide to take the space by the Discovery Kids where an anchorage is available.  There is a marina here as well but no water, just power.  This area is to the south of Milwaukee Harbour.  We found a small grocery store and pickleball.  There is a river through Milwaukee that we plan to take with the tender and stop at both of these.

We get HP settled and get Otter, the tender, down to begin our exploring.  It is still early, around 2:30.  Off we go in Otter and onto the Milwaukee River.  What greets us is a huge surprise.  This area of Milwaukee is called the Third Ward.  It was the industrial age buildings that took us by surprise.  They have been converted into condos and apartments right alongside the river.  Not just a small area but the entire area.  There are restaurants, homes, shopping, boat slips all along here.  Old buildings mixed with modern updates to make homes. 

I wouldn’t call the river clean though,  They don’t do a good job of getting the garbage out so it floats together in spots looking more like a garbage dump than a river.  Come on people.  Take care of your waterways. 

So Scott had already mapped out the pickleball area.  It was alongside the river.  The city of Milwaukee has made the underpass of a main street a pickleball area with 2 courts.  We tie up Otter with a locked cable and head to the market.  At the market it is more of fast or fresh food to take out.  Okay so we re-think groceries for Chicago tomorrow.

So we head over to the pickleball, under the overpass.  What a great concept for use of space.  We start to play, just the 2 of us.  Then several folks show up and 2 courts are now going.  We met some very spunky 20 somethings and played several games with them.  It felt so good to play.  It has become my mission to find a good overpass in Niagara Falls and hope to sign them on for a good couple courts. 

After a good sweat we are back in Otter and heading back to HP.  Again passing through the river to the harbour entrance and still finding such great use for brownspace and older buildings.

It was so nice today, weather, boat ride, calm seas and new friends.   Now for those city lights which did not disappoint.  A beautiful city skyline sitting on the deck after a full day and very thankful.  Tomorrow is Chicago!!!

Oct 072021

Kauwanee, WI, city wall  – Sheboygeon, WI, – Oct 7, 2021

It’s a 5 hour run south to Sheboygeon, WI. Again getting an early start we head out the channel again with those pesky easterlies on our beam.  We are met with some heavier winds than yesterday but Heliopause can handle them.  Me not so much.  A lot of time was spent with my eyes closed on the couch in a prone state.  Ralph factor 7.  It’s has become a new call sign for how bad the seasickness is. 

The trip south is open water again about 10 miles offshore.  There isn’t much story to tell about this trip as it is routine with the open waters of Lake Michigan. 

Rounding the harbour of Sheboygeon there is an open area for anchoring but at this point we are just going to the marina.  The winds have picked up and the fog is rolling in and rain predicted.   The marina finds us our slip.

We decided to head into the harbour boardwalk where the entire area has been upgraded.  Lake Michigan is still high and the docks that normally are available for docking are underwater.  There are no docking signs on both the north and south side of the harbour.  We find a quaint store and pick up some extra tasties for our pantry.  Fresh soup ready for a cold night, which we have had a couple here and there. 

Walking around town in the quaint streets with not many people was a treat.   It was drizzling by now but we managed to wander and explore.  Eventually, we head back to the marina.

This marina is by far the best marina we have ever seen.  Not only did it have a 60 ft dock for HP, 50 amp power, it was clean, had a great view, a convenience store, restrooms, laundry facilities.  You name it, it is here.  I did do laundry to catch up.  As the rain started we headed out to the heated pool and spa.  No one was there.  So we changed in the heated separate change rooms, jumped in the warm pool and swam laps and had some fun for over an hour.  Then the hot tub awaited.  We stayed in there longer than we probably should have.  It was rejuvenating though with all the logistics, planning, ups and downs all behind us. 

By this point it is dinner so off to relax, grab a sundowner and wait out the rain. 

Oct 062021

Sturgeon Bay, WI to Kauwanee, WI – Oct 6, 2021

Tired but so ready to begin our journey south.  For the first time we can officially say we are headed south instead of north.  Lake Michigan wasn’t too bad.  Unfortunately we have the next 5 days of easterlies which rarely happens on this lake.  Usually the winds are SW.  Just our luck that as we travel south we have waves on our beam.  Just enough to rock us so not too bad.  Our sailor friends would be jealous. 

An uneventful day as we head to Kauwanee, WI.  We have not done much homework on this place other than we know there is a town wall, power but no water.  The marina cannot take our size.  As we travel down Lake Michigan we notice that the trees have not started to change colours yet.  There is a dabble of colour but not near as much as we had when we left home.  We are fairly far out, about 10 miles or so, so not much to see other than water.  Sun is out and it’s a great day to cruise.

Kauwanee city wall is a great place to stop.  Full power and a free pump out.  We move to the pump out and then hand pull Heliopause back to her spot for the night.  We head out for a walk about.  The town has the largest grandfather clock in the world.  It was made by a businessman here about 50 years ago and it still stands in all its glory.  It has a 3 sided face so everyone in town can see the time.  There is also an old tug here named Ludington.  Ludington was involved in the DDay activities of WWII.  She was a tug that brought in supplies needed for DDay.  She also provisioned other ships, brought in fuel and was the go getter for that infamous day.  Today she rests here in Kauwanee as a walk on tour boat for a donation. 

There is also a fish monger store here.  We head over as the fishing boat comes in and see what the fresh catch of the day is.  Atlantic Salmon are just starting to run and the King Salmon are just about done.  Apparently the Kauwanee River attracts these salmon every year in abundance.  We pick up some fresh Atlantic Salmon, perch, pickerel (or walleye) and the renowned smoked salmon that is boasted about in the reviews.  There is a grocery store about a mile uphill and the harbourmaster has offered us a personal ride.  We are good until Chicago so we decline.

It was a breezy evening and night with the easterlies as this marina is not far from the lake and more open.  However we did not bounce much and recommend this as a great spot.

Oct 052021

Hotel Quattro, Sault Ste Marine, ON to Sturgeon Bay, WI by plane and shuttle – Oct 5, 2021

Flights booked, shuttle booked to get to the airport.  Check out at 7:30 am.  We both pinch ourselves.  Up until now we were not sure exactly which plan was going to pan out.  This has been a long few weeks and the day is here, finally.

Flight at The Soo was turned around in Toronto due to a malfunction.  We were instructed that we would have to wait until a new flight made the trek north.  Okay, grab another coffee.  At least there is wifi. 

Finally get on the flight and we are told that we won’t make our connection so the agent books that for a later connection.  Dang.  We really wanted to have the time to stock up and get situated coming in around 5:30.  Now it will be 10:00 pm.  Call the shuttle driver to be sure he can pick us up.  Check.

Easy flight to Toronto and we grab lunch.  I packed our lunch and it came in handy.  Now we have a 4 hour layover.  We find a quiet spot by ourselves and wait for the flight to Chicago. 

On time, yay.  It’s around 4:00 and a little over an hour to Chicago.  I think the taxying on the tarmac took longer than the flight did.  O’Hare is a large as they say.  Finally in.  No luggage for us as we travel with carry on only.

Our final leg of this journey is a flight from Chicago to Green Bay, WI.  Another hour flight. We will land late as we were held up on the Chicago runway waiting in a long line of flights to take off.  The shuttle driver followed us on our flight for landing time. 

Landing in around 10:15 we now have a shuttle drive to the marina where Heliopause waits for us.  Can’t wait to be home.  The shuttle was about 45 minutes. 

All this time we are traveling so is the Captain and crew.  We had to book everything.  So they took a shuttle from Sturgeon Bay to Green Bay, jumped on an Amtrak train to Chicago, then a taxi to home.  Yes they made it without a hiccup.  I think we are hired for future planning.

There she was.  Standing so elegant in the night with her lights on.  Thanks Captain Karl from At the Helm.  So thankful right now.  Change sheets, grab a shower and head to bed.  It’s a good day!

Oct 052021

Hotel Quattro, Sault Ste Marine, ON Oct 3 – 5, 2021

ON HOLD until we can meet up with Heliopause.  So we walk everywhere.  Grocery store for our meals, hardware store because Scott needs something for the boat.  The bank where both of us can do some last minute banking, and lots and lots of logistics for travel for both us and our Captain and his crew. 

It is literally putting together our schedules and the Captain and crew’s schedule, but last minute as we don’t know exactly what the weather will hold for our girl and her new team on the journey south.

Stay tuned until we get back to our home in Sturgeon Bay, WI.

Oct 022021

Hilton Beach, ON – Drummond Island, MI – Sturgeon Bay WI – Oct 2

Best news ever.  Sault Ste Marie, MI is giving out cruising permits.  Just heard that they just issued one yesterday.  So I was all over that getting names, numbers and what we needed to get this done.  The day is looking up and we are super excited about this development.

Scott says the engines are ready to have their filters changed so he heads off to the engine room to do maintenance.  I prepare the berths for the 2 crew coming onboard.  We had stocked up on food in Tobermory and made sure to have the Captain’s favourites.  Cleaning up inside and making sure it is presentable, after a few weeks living aboard, was very much in need.  Changing all linens and towels, prepping the galley, windows cleaned…..check.

By the time we are done we have a couple hours before the Captain arrives.  We pack up what we will need to head to the hotel in The Soo.  We will be taking their taxi back to the hotel. 

We did get a ride back to The Soo, ON and stayed at the hotel on pins and needles wondering if the Captain would have the ability to get a cruising permit.  Waiting, waiting, waiting for the call.  Finally, Scott gets a call from the head of the port of entry area on his day off, no less and it’s Sunday.  The director was quick to reference to us that this was something that we had to arrange before the Captain arrived but he would let us have the permit after asking many questions to fill out the paperwork.  He was so accommodating and kind.  A huge thank you to him.

Once we received the number for the cruising permit our plans changed.  Now the Captain can to take HP to Sturgeon Bay, WI because we are now able to drive ourselves.  That was the best news we have heard on this journey from St. Catharines.  We always knew that Chicago plan would be okay but this news makes our dream work.  So now the Captain heads out from Drummond Island, MI at the port of entry and starts heading south.  Heading south as a nice ring to it.

Somewhere in Lake Michigan Heliopause will jump the timezone and be in Central Time rather than Eastern Time making her an hour behind us.

We are at the hotel for the next 3 days until Heliopause makes her way to an area that can get our Captain home easily by plane.  We figure Sturgeon Bay is a good fit being close enough to Green Bay, WI. We make plans for our flights from The Soo, ON to Green Bay, WI and a shuttle to Sturgeon Bay.  Literally planes, trains, and automobiles yet again.

Oct 012021

Eagle Island, anchorage – St. Joseph’s Island, Hilton Beach, ON – Hilton Beach Marina – Oct 1, 2021

Today is the day we end this portion of our journey and wait for the Captain to take over from here.  We are hoping for a best case scenario but that has evaded us thus far.  The border is still closed and word has been said that it will be closed until at least November.  Our plan is to have the Captain take her to Chicago where we have 3 options.  She will get there and the border will open and we will have the ability to get a cruising permit.  Or…..she will get there and the border will eventually open.  We will fly home and wait it out.  Or…..she will get there, the border will remain closed and we will put her on the hard until spring when we will go get her and bring her home going through the lakes again. 

We head out of the anchorage very early and travel to St. Joe’s Island.  We never would have thought that we would ever travel quickly through the North Channel but that’s what we have to do.  It’s October, we have a Captain waiting, flights booked, cars and shuttles picking up his team.  There is no time to waste. 

Arriving at Beach Haven Marina proves to be much more convenient than The Soo.  The St. Mary’s River that heads up to The Soo has a 10 km speed limit for several miles.  It would take us a day up and the Captain a day back down.  He charges by the day and all expenses are ours.  So Scott found this island not far from the Port of Entry in Drummond Island, MI.  It was about an hour away from the airport.  Taxis have already been set up. 

Hilton Beach Marina was a fabulous find.  A large marina with everything you need.  Laundry, clean docks, water, fuel, power 50 and 30, restrooms, etc.  Some city marinas are not this great.  A restaurant on the shore if that is your thing. One of the best marinas in the north we would say.

Sep 302021

Tobermory, ON, Little Tub Harbour – Eagle Island, anchorage – Sept 30, 2021

We’ve been on plane the last few days and this is no exception.  We are heading along the south of Manitoulin Island, missing some of the most beautiful places to cruise.  We do eventually start to head north as we come into Little Current. 

In Little Current there is a one way swing bridge that opens for 15 minutes on the hour for boaters to travel through.  Timing is important as the bridgemaster will not deviate from this schedule.  We had forgotten this bit of information.  So we did have to wait for about 45 minutes.  No problem, it’s lunch time.  Scott managed to have a down time for lunch without “eating at his desk” and enjoy a bit of reprieve from being Captain. 

The bridge was swung open and we were off through the town of Little Current.  Cute, small town that now is excited to have a Tim’s.  There is grocery close to the city wall, laundry, LCBO, restaurants and whatever you need as you travel west.  There are marinas available if you have issues with your boat as well.

As our fuel should be topped up for the Captain we take a side trip to Muldrum Bay, ON.  In the past while there in 2015 everything was closed.  We called ahead to discover that diesel and gas are available and a full service marina along with a campground has been built up.  The marina has now a management husband and wife team overseeing the property.  Muldrum Bay has 52 residents and is a great stop for the restaurant and if you choose the anchorage or marina. 

We pass the Benjamin Islands a natural, granite rock that is pink.  I’m not sure how it got its name but cruisers love this area.  Mainly because of the pink granite against the black waters of the North Channel.  Note that the water is black because of tannins.  It is naturally clean water but has some many millennials of organic matter that turns the water a blackish tone. 

We find our way into Eagle Island anchorage and enjoy the warm sunny late afternoon.  Tonight we can’t wait to see the stars.  It was a lazy afternoon on the bow with sundowners and appies.

We were greeted with a sunset, sounds of cicadas, crickets, birds and a loon.  Later that evening the milky way showed up and a starry night that we haven’t seen in a long time.  A recharge for us as we end our journey tomorrow.

Sep 292021

Kincardine, ON, Kincardine Marina – Tobermory, ON, Little Tub Harbour – Sept 29, 2021

One of our favourite places the Little Tub Harbour is set in the small town of Tobermory.  There you will find a clean marina with access to the LCBO, grocery, laundry and many different shops for your tastebuds and shopping pleasures literally at your back door. 

Pulling into our slip we reminisce about our past times here.  This is number 4 now both with Heliopause and Conductance.  Always a pleasure and so much to see and do.  Although on this trip the seeing and doing is not much.  Laundry, LCBO and grocery stock up was our main attraction.  We did walk around town and had the famous Aiden ice cream stop that we always do when he traveled with us.  Scott went around looking for the also famous, and Aiden’s favourite, Manitoulin Island Jams.  After the 4th shop he did find the local Hawberry Jelly. 

I had a nice walk around town while Scott did some work on the engines and made sure all was well to go before we made the jump to the North Channel. 

So much to do and so little time, yet again.  We are both looking forward to the leisurely days that we thought we had signed up for.  Tomorrow we will be off to a great anchor spot.  Can’t wait as this trip has not been about us and our wants but more of our needs at a moment’s notice.  We love to anchor and enjoy nature rather than marina after marina and a time schedule.

We will get there.  It’s just a matter of time.

Sep 282021

Sarnia ON, Sarnia Bay Marina – Kincardine, ON, Kincardine Marina – Sept 28, 2021

Window maybe…..comfortable not even close.  Winds were westerlies.  Hitting us beam all day.  Our plan was to do a full day to Tobermory, ON.  We had no time to doddle at this point because the Captain had been set up for a pickup in The Soo. 

Winds and waves were not fun.  I call it the Ralph Factor.  Today the Ralph Factor was a good and steady 7-8.  I didn’t see much as I stayed quietly on the couch waiting for “we’re here” command.  Scott doesn’t get seasick so he was fine but even he said it was not a good day.  We only made it to Kincardine, ON.  Tomorrow was to be a better travel day so we made arrangements at the quaint marina in Kincardine. 

It has everything you need.  Fuel is a bugger to get into if you have anything over 40 feet.  There is no turn around room and the docks and slips are way too tight at the fuel dock.  No fuel for us anyway as we did fill up in Sarnia after the storms.  We were slipped into the T dock for the night and watched a beautiful sunset.  Kincardine has some of the most picturesque sunsets you will ever see. 

Unfortunately we are now on a schedule which was something we did not want to do.  This border shut down has decided our fate and we will roll with it but it doesn’t mean we have to like it.  So a quick overnight stay and an early morning we are headed to Tobermory, ON. 

Sep 272021

Sarnia ON, Sarnia Bay Marina – Sept 21-26, 2021

Yes, it really was a week of wind.  From the first night we stayed where we saw literally 6 inches of rain in a 24 hour period and winds of approx. 60 km winds til the day before we left there was wind.  During this time we did catch up on laundry, groceries, and small maintenance items.  We did not expect to be here for a full week. 

During this time we decided that perhaps hiring a Captain to cross from Sarnia to Port Huron, MI was a great chance.  We started looking into logistics.  We found helicopter charters from Windsor to Detroit.  So that would mean Uber or taxi or shuttle for us from Sarnia and from Detroit to get to Port Huron.  Also found a Captain.  We decided that the best way to make this work was for our Captain to contact the Border Patrol in Port Huron to see if they would allow this to occur.  To our delight,  our Captain did get a written letter to cross.  We were so happy.  This was a game changer.  Our original idea was to hire a Captain to take her across at Sault Ste. Marie, ON to Chicago, IL.  This would mean that since permissions were given in writing that we could now travel the west side of Lake Huron. 

We started making all the logistics happen.  Book Captain, helicopter flights for us, Get the Captain To Sarnia from Toronto, etc, etc.  So many twists and turns to make sure all the pieces fit.  After about two days of phone calls and making it GO TIME we were ready.  We did manage to find a pickleball court and got in a few games and made a few friends.

Then to our disappointment, and beyond our control, the border patrol Supervisor reneged on his letter.  I am not going to go into why, here in print, however it was extremely disappointing.  So now to cancel everything that we had been spending days on and making sure refunds are available.  All the vendors were very agreeable and refunded every dime.

So now what?  Back to our original plan.  Hire a Captain to take her to Chicago at Springbrook Marina, where we bought Heliopause.  We knew they would take care of her if…..she needed to be lifted, winterized and stored.  All this depends on if the border does open.  Springbrook Marina is located on the Illinois River which does not freeze in the winter.  So we decided on a drop date for having her lifted and we would stay in the cold until we could bring her home, only if the border does not open.

We waited for our window on Lake Huron and made a run for it.

Sep 202021

Windsor, ON, Riverside Marina – Sarnia ON, Sarnia Bay Marina – Sept 20, 2021

The storms are coming but we do have a window to make the trek to Sarnia, ON.  So glad we made the choice to not stay in Leamington, ON as the winds kicked up on Lake Erie and there was no way we would have left.

We both really enjoy the Detroit River.  Lots of open area, with the odd laker ship passing by, beautiful homes on both the US side and the Canadian side of the river.  During this time we are very careful to not dip our keel into the US side for long, favouring the Canadian side of the River.  We pass both Detroit with its tall towers and skyscrapers, the General Motors Headquarters standing front and centre and Windsor with its cute town atmosphere and of course the casino.  Note that docking is not allowed on either city waterfront.  It looks so inviting. 

Traveling past the city waterfronts the remaining portion of the river is industrial, homes, parks and boardwalks.  It’s a quiet trip.

We noted the winds were picking up so as we approached Sarnia Bay Marina we made the choice to not get fuel and wait out the winds.  Calling up Jeff, the harbourmaster, we ask for assistance getting in.  We are greeted with 2 helping hands and new friends from the adjacent slip.  The winds are from the south so they are pushing us into the dock.  That helped.

Sarnia Bay Marina is a well kept marina with clean restrooms, laundry, power, water.  It is a little out of the city so having bikes help.  Jeff and the crew at the harbour office are the best.  Always ready to accommodate the boaters. 

The winds didn’t subside for almost 4 days.  So we were here longer than expected.  Good to know we were in good hands.

Sep 192021

Port Stanley, City Dock – Windsor, ON, Riverside Marina – Sept 19, 2012

Winds are achangin’.  We have been watching weather several times a day.  It’s what you do when you are left to the wind Gods and Mother Nature.  There are some nasty storms coming in over the next few days.  Our goal is to head to Leamington and check weather once again to see the update. 

The winds are currently out of the south making for a bit of a beam swell.  Not too bad that it’s uncomfortable, just annoying.  Sunny skies as we watch the cliffs of Lake Erie disappear into the distance.  Not much happens on open waters other than a lot of squinting and wondering what we are missing on the shore.  It is still beautiful from afar.  The beam waves are hitting our port side.  We didn’t think much of it until Scott went down to the master stateroom and realized I had left our porthole open.  The laptop was now soaked. 

As we head to Leamington Scott checks on the weather up and coming.  Seems that there are storms rolling in.  We want to be off the lake and into the Detroit River before the storms or we will be waiting them out here at a marina on Lake Erie.  So we decide Windsor is the best bet.  Afterall, it is just in the confluence of the Detroit River and Lake Erie so even if weather does start we may still have a run to Sarnia, ON. 

We decide on Riverside Marina across from Peche Island.  Peche Island is where the acclaimed Hiram Walker (you know the guy that started the whiskey) decided to purchase and started to build a home there.  The home was never completed but the foundation and some of the grounds are still visible.  The island is now owned by the City of Windsor and has walking trails and a small passenger ferry available.  That is, of course, if you do not have a dingy. 

The weather stayed to our south so we enjoyed a cool evening on the deck with the mandatory sundowners.  Scott took apart the laptop at this point, pulled off the keyboard, stood it up and set up a fan trying to save the computer.  Crossing fingers that the entire laptop isn’t toast. 

Sep 182021

Long Point, Anchorage – Port Stanley, City Dock – Sept 18, 2021

Waking up to a stunning sunrise on anchor we begin our day with the usual breakfast.  Off to Port Stanley with calm waters and a long day of travel.  We do tend to stay around 7.5 knts unless running a storm or on a tight schedule.  Port Stanley is a good 6 hours away at that speed.  With the winds extremely fair we watch the Lake Erie bluffs pass by, the windmills aplenty and the ripples of the few waves we see. 

Arriving at Port Stanley the commercial walls are very inviting.  Large tractor tires align the walls making for an interesting dockage.  The bridgemaster who opens the bridge to Kettle Creek every 30 minutes joins us to open the power outlet.  The pedestals have both 30 and 50 amps.  No water though.  The town is at your fingertips at this point.  We decide to head out for a walk into town, the beach and just pass by some cute shops.  It isn’t busy due to covid but it is easy to see this little town is set up for lots of tourists. 

There are 2 beaches, the main one to the west and a smaller one with shade trees to the east.  You can walk the pier or meander down streets showing a century of homes, cottages and times of old.  No basements in most of these little homes as they seem to be directly on sand. 

After dinner we hop into the dingy and head on down Kettle Creek.  There are several marinas in here with back in tie and pillars.  Not much for the transient.  Very shallow at points however there are some 48 footers tied off at their seasonal slips.  We decided we would not have brought Heliopause into this creek.  It is too unpredicatable in its depths.  Local knowledge would be an asset.  Kettle Creek is very nice to ride down on the dingy  Passing several geese migrating for their trek south and having their own dinner we meander down the river for about 3 km.  Boats and dead heads, along with tree covered shorelines disguising homes tucked into the brush make for a pleasant night cruise.

Heading back to the boat in the harbour we pass several large Searays making their way back to their slips.  Still a beautiful boat.  Back on Heliopause we lift the dingy and settle in for a night cap and good night’s sleep.

Sep 172021

Port Colborne, Sugarloaf Harbour – Long Point, Anchorage Sept 17, 2021

After spending yesterday provisioning, cleaning up loose ends, and seeing family we finally made it back to the boat at Sugarloaf to find we had a new neighbour.  Theodore the Tug was snuggled up beside us in full lights.  So nice to see him back in Niagara again as he heads for homeport in Hamilton to sleep for the winter.  A good night’s sleep for us as we are ready to move west on Lake Erie.

Winds are calm and calming more throughout today as we travel.  We head out with SW prevailing winds and find ourselves quite comfortable as the winds die down as we travel.  Flat waters greet us as we pass the shoreline making our way to Long Point to spend the night at anchor.

Arriving, we set anchor for a quiet night as the weatherman proposes extraordinarily calm waters.  Lake Erie can be nasty but she can also show off her stunning side.  Scott decides to drop the tender and finds that he left the depth finder on that drained the battery.  So he hooks up the charger and we wait for it to charge up to go for a cruise and a dip in this 30 degree C temp, in September. 

Long Point seems to have had some bad storms as many trees are down, some of the lighthouse structures are gone and the large debris is onshore.  We cruise around in the tender for over an hour, take a dip in the 70 plus degree F waters and take a bunch of photos. 

Long Point is about 10 miles from shore with a lot of anchor areas that are great except in easterly winds.  South winds are not pleasant either.  So plan accordingly.  If you can anchor you will be awarded with spectacular Lake Erie views with sunsets and sunrises that are some of the best photo opportunities. 

Now it’s off to dinner and docktails on the deck to watch the sunset.  Tomorrow we run to Port Stanley.