May 302017

The USS Wisconsin awaits us today. It opens at 10 so we wanted to be there before it opened to get some pics with the new camera and lens. Scott is very happy with the upgrade. He’s still learning what this new camera can do and it amazed at its capacity for the great photos.

The destroyer USS Wisconsin has a long standing history with Norfolk which is why it has been decommissioned and placed here. She was first used in WWII and saw many battles. She also had a stake in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. She was initially slated for decommissioning in the 80’s but President Reagan decided to have her upgraded as the world climate was changing. After that she was sent to Iraq in Desert Storm for her last mission. She was laid to rest after Desert Storm, decommissioned and then sent to Norfolk in 2009 where she is now part of Nauticus and the naval museum. The museum and the destroyer are worth the stop at this marina as it is within walking distance too.

After a day at the museum we found a great bar at the Hilton on the 5th floor overlooking the marina. To finish off the day we enjoyed a couple bevies in a trendy bar with plush couches, lights and great atmosphere overlooking the main streets of Norfolk. We completely recommend this new bar with its craft beers and appetizers.

It’s been a long day. Scott is out for a stroll with his new toy while I write the overdue blog piece. This marina and setting is well worth the time to stay here as a Looper. Finishing to the 0.0 mile is an end and a beginning as we now start the Chesapeake Bay, Delaware River, New Jersey rivers and then onto New York for the trek down the Hudson River to the Erie Canal. At this point we are about half way home.


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