Aug 172012

Big seas heading out today with at least 4 ftrs and will be climbing by afternoon.  Want to get to Dunkirk, NY today.  After about an hour at a good clip the port engine starts acting up again.  Scott had to shut her down.  We tried to get into Conneaut, OH but no phone numbers were working and no one was on the VHF radio.  Without confirmation of a port to stop in we had to push on to Erie.  We called ahead to let them know we were coming in on one engine.  They found us an easy spot  when we would get there.  That would be more than 2 hours away in big waves and building.  Aiden slept almost the whole way.  Going slow and on one engine through those types of waves is unpleasant.  Up and down through each swell.  Scott could not use the auto pilot because the waves would shift the boat so he had to keep compensating for each swell.  We were happy to see Erie even though it was about 50 miles short of our destination of Dunkirk.

The engine itself looked to be good.  Scott changed out the fuel filters and topped up the diesel.  We suspect a bad batch of diesel from Sarnia.  Just after Sarnia we started having some issues and Scott took a look at the diesel in the fuel.  It was so contaminated with debris that he was concerned at that time.  Conductance was running well but an alarm for water in the fuel had come up which is why he started to bleed the filter in the first place.  He is hoping that by changing out the filters yet again and adding clean diesel it will be better.  Nope! She still runs like a bucking bronco.  Now he is wondering if the sensor that was sold to us back in Cedar Point was the right one.  The fellow had said that the part numbers had been changed and that this sensor was the one.  He didn’t really take the time to listen to Scott while on the telephone and was really sure he knew which one it was.  Now Scott is wondering if we were given the right one.  So he popped out the sensor and started her up.  She started up perfect.

Tomorrow we will try to get going in the morning without the sensor and head as far as we can.  The waters on Lake Erie are supposed to lie down so hopefully we can pull some good time.

We were so focused on the engine for the night that we forgot about pics.

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