Feb 242024

The boys are going fishing in Otter, the dingy. It’s a breezy day however lots of places to duck into and fish off the shallow waters. They buy bait at the fuel dock and use the leftover conch from Bimini. Heather and I wash the boat from the salt residue and then head to the beach to take in the sunshine. We spent most of the day outside so by supper we are a bit sunburned and over sunned. The boys fished for about 5 hours. They came home with a catch of mutton snapper, which they filleted, and several other fish that they released. They were so busy catching and releasing that they didn’t eat anything more than their sandwiches that were packed for lunch. Scott caught a stingray. Joe attempted to release him from the hook all while the ray kept trying to curl his barb around. No video as they were busy trying to save the fella. They did get pictures of the various other types they did catch.

Meanwhile we were at the beach looking for shells and wandering the shoals at low tide. We did get a bit busy when we picked up smaller coconuts to throw at the ripe ones hanging in the palm trees. We both still have great throwing arms and did manage to have 1 fall. We were worn out before anymore wanted to fall.

The boys joined us at the pool for a warm swim. Then home for a bite to eat before the cold front came in with winds. We made it an indoor movie night.

Last day in Chub and we notice an oil slick at the back of the boat. Scott decides to check out the pods, swim platform and hydraulics and determines it isn’t our boat. The rain comes down for a few hours cleaning off any left over salt from the wash yesterday. We’ve decided to head to the Nauti Rooster for pizza tonight but not before the sunset comes out and we hit the pool one last time.

Off to Nassau in the morning.

Feb 222024

Cold front after cold front. Rain, wind, clouds, sun. It’s a mash of weather this year as we try to move on from Bimini to the interior of the islands. We make the best of it while we hold up on the first stop here in Bimini. Heather and Joe go for water. In The Bahamas not all water is potable. Here we go to a filter station while taking our own bottles to fill at $1.00 a gallon. Riding the bikes with our wagon in tow Heather and Joe head off to the station while Scott and I go through some stock items in our closet. It’s a lazy day with pool time and bike rides to the old Sunshine Inn that was damaged by a hurricane a while ago. Built in 2003 and now left in ruin but fun to explore. We also went to the airport where a plane was taking passengers back to the mainland.

Watching weather Scott determines we can leave on the 22nd to head to Chub Cay in the Berry Islands. Super excited to be moving on. We set up for some laundry and last checks on February 21st. Scott plots our route across the Bahama bank toward the private island. We will be leaving at daybreak and travel for about 100 miles or 170 km. Remember we travel at around 8 knots or 10 mph so it’s a long day. We will be staying 3 nights before moving onto Nassau, Bahamas. I book our space for both areas.

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Feb 202024

Rain and a cold front have caught up to us. A high of 15 C today with rain and clouds hanging around all day. The morning is coffee, breakfast and vacuuming with a bit of a wLk to see the ocean waves pounding the beach. The Daytona 500 and the Infinity Nascar races are on today after a rain out yesterday. We spend the day coming g around and watching TV.

Feb 20 – the rain stopped late yesterday and the winds are not gale force anymore. With that in mind we jump in Otter, the dingy, to head to the low tide shoal in the basin between the 2 Islands of North and South Bimini. We find a large queen conch, some shells and critters running around. A small island is here so we make our way over and see the damage done by hurricanes to the beachside of the island. Conch shells lay everywhere from past decades of disposal of shells from harvesting. A sight seen along most shores here in Bimini by the hundreds of thousands. The sun is out but the temps are still cool. We head over to Stuart’s Conch Shack for a re commended rum drink to find he is closed on Tuesdays. Apparently Tuesday is the slowest day for tourists so a lot of places close for the day. He is there and sells us his home brew rum punch. Yes I highly recommend.

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Feb 182024

Always a great day in The Bahamas even with forecasted heavy rains and high winds. Heather and Joe take the bikes for a quick tour of South Bimini before the weather changes. They did get caught in some rain but the worst is still to come. Scott tries to get Daytona 500 set up on the TV and update our accounting, and I catch up on laundry, tidying, and this blog. I have fallen into island time.

The rains and winds are holding off til dinner where they will pack a punch with at least 1 inch of rain in an hour with high winds and a cold front to follow. Heather and Joe head off to see the rest of North Bimini and hopefully make it back before it gets too bad out.

Timing is everything. Heather and Joe made it back with minutes to spare before the big drops started. We were filled in on their adventures of rum punches, Kalik beers, and making it to World’s Resort on the north end. About half way they stopped at Stuart’s Conch Shack which had sting rays and conch cleaning right at the seaside bar area. Several spotted rays about 5 feet plus the barb were eating the remnants of the cleaned conch that they threw in the water. They enjoyed the shark passing by for it’s rounds of thrown conch. After a bevy they continued the short trek to the cruiseline area where no ships were in port so it was very quiet. That and also being a Sunday a lot was closed.

Although they walked the 5 km or so from the ferry to the World Resort they decided to take a taxi back. Hailing a local on a golf cart they jump on and tour the way back to the ferry. At the ferry the golf cart quits and the guy can’t get it restarted. His girl jumps off, climbs in a friend’s car and heads out. Heather and Joe get a giggle as they walk away. On the way from the ferry goes is a small bar called the Thirsty Turtle. Off they go for a look inside the only bar/restaurant on South Bimini. Snagging a rum drink and a Kalik beer they sit in the snug bar watching the storm get closer. It’s only a 5 minute walk to the marina and make it back minutes before the downpour.

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Feb 172024

With half a day of getting to know the resort we decide we to go to North Bimini for the day. Leaving the resort we head about 1 km to the ferry dock where we will be picked up by the pontoon boat, which is the ferry. The crossing is about a 3 minute ride to North Bimini. If you travel by air you will have to take this ferry to the only major American style resort on the north side of North Bimini called World Resorts. The north side has 2 major roads. One is called King’s Hwy and the other is Queens Hwy, also known as lower and upper road, respectively. The roads are barely wide enough for 2 cars to pass, with no sidewalks. King’s Hwy, or Lower Road, is the main road. Island style buildings showing years of weathering and lack of repair line both sides of the streets. The local folks are very courteous and friendly. Heather and I slip into a few local shops with mainly tourist wears and tourist prices. We are on our way to “the” electronic store to buy our Sim cards. Aliv is the provider here in The Bahamas. The day is sunny and warm at 25C. The Lower Rad is about 5 km long to the cruise port and the Big Resort of Bimini. We walk about half way to the electronic store, spend 45 minutes here, and then lunch is calling. We decide a beach front restaurant is in order so we head on Queen’s Hwy, or the Upper Road, to Radio Beach. A touristy spot but eats and drinks available with beachside dining. The Upper Road is a car width wide, no sidewalks, and lots of locals. Along with the golf carts rented by the cruiseline passengers it is still quieter than the Lower Road. There are the same weathered buildings but the view between them can’t be beat. We grab a loaf of the infamous coconut bread from Nate’s Bakery and continue toward Radio Beach. Lots of various local vendors with reasonable prices for food are available as we grab a table by the sea. Drinks out of coconuts are $25.00 USD so we pass on those. The beer of The Bahamas is Kalik, pronounced click. Three of these at $5.00 each and a good stiff rum drink at $10.00 was ordered along with fresh burgers and fries.

After lunch we dip our toes in the sand and continue along the beach toward the ferry. We stop and take some pics at the barge that has settled south of Radio Beach. Finding our way to the channel that closes between North and South Bimini we gaze at the amazing blueness of the waterway. With the ferry just ahead we make our way there and back to our mothership.

A dip in the pool, dinner, making friends with the resort feral cats and a breezy night on the deck, we call it a great day.

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Feb 162024

One more check of weather, breakfast, pull the anchor and we’re off. A beautiful sunrise with forecasted 2-3 foot rollers with 8 seconds intervals. A bit of a rock but nothing severe. We see lots of boats crossing with sailors and trawlers having left overnight. We pass them with our speedy 8 knots or 10 mph. It should take us about 6 hours to Bimini Cove Marina where we will stay for a week due to weather. A hardy blow is coming in on Sunday to Thursday. We’ll have time to explore both north and south islands of Bimini. Scott and I were here in 2021 and know the islands very well. Heather and Joe will have their first time enjoying Bimini.

It is an easy crossing with blue skies and water. The royal blue of the ocean is so deep in colour. No dolphins or whale sightings on this crossing. Although passing sailors and trawlers in abundance knowing they have still a journey ahead of them after so many hours spent already makes us happy to have the opportunity to cruise at 8 knots. We can do over 30 mph but it’s just blowing dollars out the exhaust to save a few hours so we use our consumption sweet spot for most travel. Pulling in closer to the island we can see the crystal blue waters that are associated with The Bahamas. 🇧🇸

Bimini Cove Marina and Resort is a quaint spot to rest. Bimini is considered the gateway to the Bahamas because of the proximity to Florida only 100 km away. Go fast boats can be here in a couple hours. The busy season is summer with Americans looking for a quick getaway. The resort boats a ouple restaurant s, poolside bar and entertainment, an infinity pool, new docks, condos for rent or owned, and a ferry to North Bimini for a cost of $3.00/per. The airport is on South Bimini Island along with this resort. Not much else on the south side since a hurricane wiped out half the island many years ago.

After settling in our slip we wander around the resort and head to the beach. It’s about 23 degrees so a bit chilly. The sun is shining and a warm breeze is cooling. We pick up garbage along our beach walk and check out the many shells. Spending the remainder of the afternoon on the beach our bellies tell us it’s dinnertime. We will spend the warm evening on the deck with the feral cats who live here and the crazy amount of noseeums while toasting our Atlantic crossing and arrival in the Bahamas.

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Feb 152024

With some skinny waters behind us now we have just a couple more to get through. Traveling at low tide we begin the last of the trek north to wait for the crossing to The Bahamas. The day is sunny and warm with temps hovering around 24C. Scott is baking in the catains chair as the sun rises in the east. No complaints though. We are enjoying the nice temps after the crazy winds, rain and the low temps in Marathon, The Keys. We are happy to be leaving them behind.

Passing Key Largo and multiple lobster pots we push on at 8 knots. We have a 5 hour run to Biscayne Bay, just south of Miami. The green waters of the Keys follows us as we travel. Lunch of quick sandwiches in fairly calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway make for a great travel day. Some dolphins decided to join us and jump in our wake.

Heather and joe braved the 20C water with quick splash in the bay. We watched the sunset on the back deck with warm temps. Scott checked again on the weather for crossing the Atlantic to Bimini, Bahamas. We are a go for travel. Last check for boat engines and systems and they’re a go as well. We are ready for an early sunrise leave time. All are excited for a new adventure. See you on “the other side”.

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Feb 142024

Heather and Joe joined us for provisioning and prepping for The Bahamas on the 11th. Scott has been preparing so many upgrades to our elecrical and battery systems hat he didn’t get everything complete. Joe helped Scott get all those little things buttoned up and ready. Heather and I kept them fed, and did the prepping for a month’s stay over in the islands.

Watching weather and dodging fronts seems like a full time job. We have reservations to stay in Marlin Bay in Marathon til the 15th but the weather is promising for a leave the USA on Friday the 16th. With 2 day travel north in Florida to the crossing point mens we will leave on the 14th with 2 nights Anchorage.

We timed the tides to travel the ICW on the gulf side to Butternut Anchorage, just south of Key Largo for our 1st night. Heather and I headed out to pick up a filter at West Marine, grab a key lime pie for Valentines Day, and take back their rental car. The boys rinsed the boat off of salt, fueled up the mothership, and prepped last minute items. We were off at 9:45 heading north. Passing by countless crab and lobster pots, skinny waters, beautiful seas, and a few dolphins we anchored by 4:30. Catching the sunset and enjoying 1 of the few days of 80 degrees Joe and Heather, brave they are, jumped in the 70 degree waters for a swim.

Easy dinner and hopefully getting a stream to wat h a Nascar race tonight we settle in for a gorgeous night and exciting new adventure.

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Jun 222022

Last day on The Loop. So excited to see home and Family. I can barely contain myself as we cross the lake in calm waters. We are done. Having left from Port Dalhousie Yacht Club September of 2021 and now arriving back in June of 2022 we think we are the first ones to complete the loop from this start point. We are welcomed back with comraderie, hugs and billboards from our friends Patti Jo and Doug on Miss Guided. Thank you for the journey. Thank you for the Friendships. Thank you for allowing us into your day as we can complete this journey. Someone once said just get out there and do it. JUST GO DO IT!

Jun 212022

The cool spot on the loop. We love this little spot in Wilson. A very friendly group of folks always greet us at Bootleggers with a restaurant overlooking the marina. If you are lucky the band is playing on the patio just above you so you can enjoy the party from your boat. Pickleball is available but we have never played here. We wander around Clark’s Island and meet some folks from a recipricol yacht club. Only 1 more day and we are home.

Jun 202022

We get to see Richard and Jim. ‘nough said. Beers and pizza and having so much fun remininscing that no pics were taken. We always enjoy this stop to see our dear boat friends from our very first journey on Conductance and her purchase. Apt Sea 2 was also on its maiden voyage and purchase to her new home when we met with 3 brothers and a friend taking her home to Rochester. A boater’s bond was formed and now we see each other whenever we pass through each other’s neighbourhood. Thanks for so many memories boys.

Jun 152022

We decide to stay here in Oswego for a couple days for a break….and pickleball. There are great courts not far, a well stocked wine, beer store and grocery store available. We figure more boats may show up as there seems to be a front closing in on us which may stop our journey for a few days.

As it turns out we are here for 4 days with a wall full of boats. It’s chilly but we still have lots of docktails and meet new friends. Next Chapter, Sunshine State of MInd, Trouvaille, Gold Dust, and so many others join us for a fun filled few days waiting out for a crossing of Lake Ontario

Jun 142022

Today we decide to push a bit to lock 3 on Oswego Canal. This will begin our journey north one again as we begin heading toward Lake Ontario. We have not stayed at Fulton NY before but thought it would be a nice place to hang out so that we can continue the journey. Getting through the Oswego was too far for the day but with only 5 locks left to do we will stop here and enjoy the new surroundings.