Jun 222022

Last day on The Loop. So excited to see home and Family. I can barely contain myself as we cross the lake in calm waters. We are done. Having left from Port Dalhousie Yacht Club September of 2021 and now arriving back in June of 2022 we think we are the first ones to complete the loop from this start point. We are welcomed back with comraderie, hugs and billboards from our friends Patti Jo and Doug on Miss Guided. Thank you for the journey. Thank you for the Friendships. Thank you for allowing us into your day as we can complete this journey. Someone once said just get out there and do it. JUST GO DO IT!

Jun 212022

The cool spot on the loop. We love this little spot in Wilson. A very friendly group of folks always greet us at Bootleggers with a restaurant overlooking the marina. If you are lucky the band is playing on the patio just above you so you can enjoy the party from your boat. Pickleball is available but we have never played here. We wander around Clark’s Island and meet some folks from a recipricol yacht club. Only 1 more day and we are home.

Jun 202022

We get to see Richard and Jim. ‘nough said. Beers and pizza and having so much fun remininscing that no pics were taken. We always enjoy this stop to see our dear boat friends from our very first journey on Conductance and her purchase. Apt Sea 2 was also on its maiden voyage and purchase to her new home when we met with 3 brothers and a friend taking her home to Rochester. A boater’s bond was formed and now we see each other whenever we pass through each other’s neighbourhood. Thanks for so many memories boys.

Jun 152022

We decide to stay here in Oswego for a couple days for a break….and pickleball. There are great courts not far, a well stocked wine, beer store and grocery store available. We figure more boats may show up as there seems to be a front closing in on us which may stop our journey for a few days.

As it turns out we are here for 4 days with a wall full of boats. It’s chilly but we still have lots of docktails and meet new friends. Next Chapter, Sunshine State of MInd, Trouvaille, Gold Dust, and so many others join us for a fun filled few days waiting out for a crossing of Lake Ontario

Jun 142022

Today we decide to push a bit to lock 3 on Oswego Canal. This will begin our journey north one again as we begin heading toward Lake Ontario. We have not stayed at Fulton NY before but thought it would be a nice place to hang out so that we can continue the journey. Getting through the Oswego was too far for the day but with only 5 locks left to do we will stop here and enjoy the new surroundings.

Jun 122022

The wall at Herkimer is a secret spot we have discovered. It has small homegrown shops, a restaurant, and is free. Walmart is about a 5 minute walk away on the other side of the street so we head over there for a look. This stop is fabulous. The wall itself has no power but water is available from a spigot if needed. Stay to the east end of the wall for 7 plus feet as it shallows to the west end to 3 feet. We stayed here with a sailboat overnight and felt very safe. Very well lit and so nice to sit out on the chairs and tables for a sunset dinner. It is so close to town that this stop is worth more time to explore the history.

Jun 102022

We provisioned for the next few days at the local grocery store, Hannaford, and routed our way to lock 8. You must go through the first 6 locks as you cannot stay at any lock. Lock 8 has a nice low wall to tie too. We will be staying on the upper side of the lock. Passing through the first 6 locks is a chore. The locks are close together and it is difficult to take pictures but it is none the less so pretty along here. Trees foreshadow over the black waters as you pass by. The leaves are a becoming full as they lay over the water casting their reflection. The history in these first few locks is seen in the old lock structure. One must take a moment and enjoy the beauty of this part of the journey.

Jun 082022

We left early this morning to catch a ride with the tide. The Hudson River has a 2 knt current, or more, because of tides so catching it going your way for part of your journey is beneficial. Cruising through this area we are so happy to be back in the fresh water. I washed the entire boat while at Rondout and the wash water was black and salty. Scott spent the time uploading the pictures we have accummulated from pushing through these nice weather days.

We are passing beyond the Catskills today and leaving with the mountains covered in fog and rain clouds to our north. The journey up the Hudson is a nice leisurely cruise with the twists and turns of the basin. Shoals are more present so many more old lighthouses still stand. Although not manned anymore they are still used as an entrance beacon and fog light when needed. Looking at our marine app we find our old friends from Inked Mermaid are coming toward us. They are hanging out in the Hudson a few more days and seeing the sights before the big pig roast at Shady Harbor. Traveling with us today are Yolo and Taylor’d by 2 who we have not met personally yet but know there boat name from our marine app.

Scott notices that the starboard pod needs gear oil change. It has been plaguing us with a monthly change as the seals are leaking. It is our plan to get the entire boat lifted and seals changed out in the fall but until then a monthly change of oil is on our agenda. The electronics are flaking out a lot more now too. Scott needs some time to research alternatives. Our anchor windless needs an update as he doesn’t trust what we have even though the specs say it is fine for our new anchor.