Aug 162012

Open waters from here on in on Lake Erie.  Boring!!!!

A storm is expected, a big one!!!!!!!  The engine is fixed and purring again.  Have I mentioned that I think Scott is amazing!!!!!  Diagnosis and repair all done and heading out on down the Lake Erie coast.

A bit of a chop but nothing big.  It is a hot one though and we didn’t realize it until we stopped at the Geneva State Park Marina.  Great place with camping, hotel, pool,restaurant, trails, forests, or anything your heart desires .  Even Internet, that Cedar Point had but was so scaled back it was useless.  Great place for the RV too.

Aiden is back working on his RC car, we went for some quick groceries, and now I sit with a glass of wine in hand contemplating our 2 remaining days.

Storm went south!  Our luck just keeps getting better!


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Aug 152012

Ready to go and the port engine fails.  Carbon all around the boat.  We are drawing attention with all the black stuff.  Turns out it is the fuel rail pressure sensor that Scott diagnosed.  Found a guy and he can get the part tomorrow morning.  We are stuck.  Frustrated but also happy that it happened while in port and not on open waters. Considering how far we have come and so little left to go, I suppose it is a good time.  No repair is a good time but a necessity.  So after ordering the part we decide to head off to Cedar Point’s beach for the remainder of the afternoon.  Great day in the sand.

We decide now that groceries are needed we’ll go off to Perkins for dinner on the property.  Yummy!!!! After that we watched the fireworks and light show for the third time and called it a night hoping that the diagnosis for the engine is accurate.


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Aug 132012

This morning was the morning of chores.  No excitement folks.  Scott drained the fuel filters and he managed to get the guy that makes canvas here at the marina as well.  New window today for the replacement of the one I lost on Rice Lake.  He decided to have the starboard side panel done as well as it is ripping and not sized for this boat.  He thinks it was one that was taken off another boat when we bought it to make it look good.  Nothing lines up properly and the zipper is going.  I did a couple loads of laundry and then it was off to the heated salt water pool available here at Kean’s Marina in Detroit.  Aiden and I spent a couple hours here just kicking back and playing catch.

Just waiting on that canvas to make the 2 hour trek to Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.  We are on our way at 4:00.  Passing by Detroit and Windsor, which looks so different by water, has it’s own beauty.  Detroit River offered many surprises.  Who knew there was so many steel along its route.  We passed more commercial ships than anywhere on our journey while traveling down the river.  The casino in Windsor certainly made a statement as did GM Headquarters in Detroit.

Now we are in the marina at Cedar Point at dusk watching the lights and waiting for the fireworks.  Great ending to an amazing journey.  Only 3 – 4 days left.

Sorry folks no pics today.  Upload speed is too slow for loading on the website.  We’ll post pics another day when the Internet is stronger.

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Aug 122012

What a great day !!!!  We had significant weather today with highs of 30’s, clear skies and great winds.  We left this morning at around 10:30 to miss the shut down of the power sport boat races on the St Clair River and headed off to Gull Island.  It is an island just after the St Clair River meets St Clair Lke that has turquoise waters and tons of shallow sand around it.  We swam in the crystal clear water and the boys circumvented the island.  Aiden is proud of his rock finds and Scott watched really well played volleyball.  I was happy to stay on a lawn chair on the back of the boat for awhile until the beach called.  Then it was my turn to watch the volleyball.  We stayed all afternoon and then headed off to Detroit across Lake St Clair.  We are now staying at a marina on the Detroit River that was recommended from the crew we met last night in Sarnia.  What a different way of boating than on the Trent.  I miss the solitude and peacefulness of simplicity.  I guess reality is just around the corner!

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Aug 112012

There was a window of  opportunity for us today so we took it.  We didn’t plan to make it to Sarnia but the winds are changing tomorrow and we would have been stuck either in Goderich or Grand Bend for an additional day.  We passed though several storms on  the way down but the wave heights were kind to us with ENE winds.  It was a nice trek even though it was a tunnel at times with rain all around us.  The radar came in handy for potential rain.

Now we have a great spot in Sarnia at the Sarnia Bay Marina with the International Offshore Powerboat Races here.  We stopped to look at the boats which are some of the fastest boats in the industry, apparently.   Tomorrow they will race on the St. Clair River and if we are leaving we have to get out prior to the races starting.  We want to get to Detroit and see “the big city”.  Early morning coming up.

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Aug 102012

Still here.  Gale force winds on Lake Huron doesn’t make for a good travel day.  White caps in the Harbour makes for a good laundry, fixing things day.

Aiden got started on making his RC car that has to be built from scratch.  I did the overdue laundry detail.  Scott took some time looking for the port electrical problem only to find the problem is under the stairs.  The walls and stairs will have to be taken out to fix the wire.  So that job will wait.  Scott did come up with  a bypass so that we have power to the necessities on that side of the boat, like the Xbox (which has only been turned on twice in one month).

We hear the Chi Cheemaun Ferry coming in every 3 – 4 hours.  The cars are lining up for the next ferry before she has even left port. Even the site seeing tours to FlowerPot Island and diving to the  ship wrecks has been cancelled due to the storm.

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